Massive Open Online courses eNhancing LInguistic and Transversal skills for social inclusion and Employability (MOONLITE)

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Erasmus+ project funded by the Spanish National Agency Duration: September 2016-August 2019. Convention number: 2016-1-ES01-KA203-025731



The objectives of the MOONLITE project is to boost the use of MOOCs to:

There is a huge potential, given that a growing number of HEIs in the EHEA. Those courses are offered in English and also other European languages. Regarding the 1st mission: Institutions provide general language classes and many of them offer subject-specific regular courses in English but struggle to cover the full variety of business and management related topics in other languages. There is a missing link between internationalisation and open education, a perceived lower value of online assessments/remote proctoring, and a lack of integration of open learning with existing mechanisms and strategies for student mobility and recognition of prior learning (RPL). A tiny subset of MOOC provision awards ECTS credits despite verified credentials and online proctoring services which can facilitate future recognition on a wider scale. Regarding the 3rd mission and pathways for refugees: There is low awareness of MOOCs or exchange with MOOC providers among groups supporting refugees. A few initiatives exist (such as “MOOC: Ready for Study” by German Leuphana University) but are unknown outside national borders and the potential of open education supporting upcoming challenges is unused.

The strategic partnership of MOONLITE specifically aims to:

  1. Identify opportunities and barriers for recognizing MOOC-based learning of students and refugees
  2. Create institutional and cross-institutional scenarios to exploit MOOCs for credit-bearing HEI courses & future employability among students and refugees
  3. Implement a set of scenarios in partner HEIs and among our partnership reaching 175 learners, refugees and registered students
  4. Study cost and benefits for exploiting informal online courses (focus MOOCs) for 1st and 3rd mission of higher education
  5. Run an open online course targeted to MOOC providers and refugees support groups on how to design and utilize MOOCs for refugees while make learning resources available beyond course duration
  6. Create a vision and recommendations for a more viable and strategic role of MOOCs in European HEIs